Frege Reader (Blackwell Readers) by Michael Beaney

Frege Reader (Blackwell Readers)

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Frege Reader (Blackwell Readers) Michael Beaney
Language: English
Page: 409
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0631194444, 9780631194446
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


"The book aims to be the best single edition available for introductory Frege courses. It is a well organized, reasonably priced one-stop Frege shop. It is too convenient not to be used in introductory courses on Frege; in fact, as a single volume, it has no competition I can think of. The general conception is excellent. It is easily readable by graduates or advanced under graduates. The forty-six page introduction and notes to the translations make it useful also for Frege scholars. The book's virtues are strong. I recommend it for courses on Frege, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and analytic philosophy." Jan Dejnozka, History and Philosophy of Logic

From the Back Cover

This is the first single-volume edition and translation of Frege's philosophical writings to include all of his seminal papers as well as substantial selections from all three of his major works. It is intended to provide the essential primary texts for students of logic, philosophical logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics.

It contains in particular Frege's four papers "Function and Concept", "On Concept and Object", "On Sense and Reference", and "Thought", and new translations of key parts of the Begriffsschrift, The Foundations of Arithmetic, and the Basic Laws of Arithmetic. The editor's substantial introduction provides the reader with an overview of the significance and development of Frege's philosophy, while the footnotes, appendices and glossary facilitate understanding of some of the more difficult elements of Frege's thought.

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